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Our Projects
4D aligner ®
This is not 3D aligner,
Welcome to the future of Aligners.
MoganRD Dental
EasyBrace Bonder ®
Brace easy
Doctors do not wanna have back and neck pain while bonding!
Patients do not wanna wait too much with their mouth opened !
Mogan RD
ATO Orthodontic Retainer ®
Orthodontic retainer
Teeth will be scanned, 3D printer will do the remaining !
No need for technician, taking impressions, steel wires !
Mogan RD
F23 Dental Pen ®
Dentists, specialists and technicians will do it easily !
No more time, money and comfort loss !
Patent no : TR-2019-22779 B

Mogan RD
Winingo App ®
Mobile application for IOS and ANDROID .
Motivate and Success and WIN !

In order to get more information, please visit WININGO.NET website.

AI-she ®
You just import X-Rays, Let it diagnose !
Tests will start in our clinic, soon !
MoganRD A.I. she
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