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MoganRD started its operations in November 2017 by the idea of developing new medical / dental technology in TURKEY. In addition to the main team, MoganRD works with a wide range of advisors and assistant experts from various fields. As of June 2018, MoganRD continue to work with a total of 6 projects, 2 of which are patented biomedical devices, 1 is 3D supported treatment method.

MoganRD innovation
"MoganRD" is a healthcare initiative that produces internationally patented biomedical device, treatment technique and mobile application projects. "MoganRd" is working on projects that the health sector really needs. "MoganRd" produces projects in which patients and doctors have problems and their requirements are approved by professionals. It constantly tests the strength and functionality of the projects it produces with academic studies.
MoganRD innovation
Our company focused on "new and national" projects rather than "domestic and national". In addition to this, MoganRD aims to make productions that are not in the world and create excitement. While doing this, it will continue with its experts and consultants. MoganRD will prioritize carrying the Turkish Flag to the top in the health sector, especially dentistry, and dedicating all its projects to our citizens who have been martyred for these lands.
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